The best places to practice photography around London

April, 2017

London is one of the world’s most impressive cities, with a combination of historic architecture and modern-day skyscrapers, royal palaces and castles, and a variety of different cultures to explore. This makes the city perfect for practising your...

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5 new gadgets to keep an eye out for

March, 2017

New gadgets and technology are developed all of the time that aim to make our lives easier, healthier and more comfortable. From robot nannies to intelligent beds, with the continuing advance of technology, come useful new products for us to try o...

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4 unusual places to visit in London

Feb, 2017

London is famous for being a vibrant centre of activity — whether it’s culture, entertainment, or business, the city has plenty to offer.

We all know about the obvious attractions, like the London Eye, the Tower of London — which is just a...

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Why is healthy eating so important?

25, Jan 2017

Many people will see the title of this article and assume that first and foremost, healthy eating means weight loss.

However, this is not the case. While changing your eating habits can certainly help you lose weight, health and weight are...

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