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British Hospitality Association

British Hospitality Association

As a champion for the interests of the hospitality industry across the UK, the BHA is committed to delivering high standards. As an associate member, we meet these standards while developing the next generation of hospitality innovators and success stories.

What is the British Hospitality Association?

The BHA is the leading representative organisation in the hospitality industry, representing hotels, restaurants and food service providers.  We aim to deliver real returns for our members, positively championing the industry’s priorities through partnerships with government and with other associations and organisations.

The British Hospitality Association Today

With the input of our members and following extensive dialogue with the public sector, in 2010 we have identified five key areas on which we will lead industry action and drive change:

Economy – to champion a supportive fiscal environment for our industry to prosper in the context of global competition
Employment – to bridge the gap between education and industry to build a skilled workforce for hospitality
Intelligent regulation – advising government to reduce the burden of costly regulation at national and local levels
Sustainability – facilitating an industry-led effort to develop economic, social and environmental success in the short and longer term
Health – proactively shaping industry and public sector policy to enhance the wellness of our consumers

In brief, our aim is that, through our combined efforts, the association can bring tangible, long-lasting, positive benefits to every member’s business.

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