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Our history

Students in St Patrick's Library
1998 - Present

St Patrick's college

When St Patrick's launched, it taught English language, computing, and business management, with accountancy being added later on. Since 1998 St Patrick’s grew into a major international educational institution, offering diplomas and degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. In 2009, demand for places soared so much that we acquired an additional building in Soho.

St Patrick’s is now a leading provider of vocational qualifications, with a strong focus on widening participation.

An Old Class room of St Patrick's
1967 - 1998

Language school

After the Catholic Primary School closed, the Catholic Church continued to run St Patrick's as a Language School teaching English

St Patrick's Old Class room
1803 - 1967

Building schools

After St Patrick's Church had been successfully established, it was decided that schools must also be founded for the poor of St Giles' Parish. There were separate schools for boys, girls, infants, and orphans. From 1803 until 1888 there were as many as 15 different schools operating with the backing of St Patrick's Church. These covered many different premises and areas across the Soho area of London.

Old Students of St Patrick's
1792 - 1802

The church

St Patrick's Church in Soho Square was first consecrated in 1792 in St Giles' Parish - the area now known as Soho. Primarily serving the parish's Irish Roman Catholic community, it was the first ever English church to be dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland. At that time, the area was both crowded and poor. The original St Patrick's Chapel was demolished in 1889 due to its unsafe conditions. The current St Patrick's Church building was constructed on the same site and was renovated in 2011 at cost of £4 million.