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A Massive Vegan Festival Is Coming To The UK

Vegan Festival returns to Nottinghamshire and is set to be its biggest year yet! Glastonbury Festival is well known for its branding as an environmentally friendly festival ensuring vegetarians and vegans are well catered for and that its impact on the environment is a minimal as possible. It has been well publicised this year that cans of water were sold at the festival as an ...

St Patrick's Students and Staff Award Ceremony

On Wednesday 20 February, St Patrick’s College held the first ever “St Patrick’s Awards” ceremony for students and staff members. The awards were organised by the Student Experience team and aimed to recognise the achievements and outstanding work of St Patrick’s students and staff. The senior management team, deans and lecturers attended the ceremony, sharing the moment along ...

St Patrick’s hospitality students meet London restaurateur

Hospitality students from St Patrick’s attended a workshop with Vasken Jermarkian, founder of London-based restaurant consultancy firm Foodication.

National Student Survey 2017: a new chapter in St Patrick’s College history.

The recent history of St Patrick’s College is one of encouraging developments and success, such as the positive outcome of the latest Higher Education review by the Quality Assurance Agency.

Create and innovate: the new issue of The Vibe is out

Create and innovate with the new edition of The Vibe. In this issue, learn how to set off on the journey to success, pick up some helpful interview tips and discover what’s new at St Patrick’s.

St Patrick’s College kicks off National Student Survey

The National Student Survey 2017 was officially launched for St Patrick’s on Monday 6 February, 2017.

St Patrick’s College celebrates history and tradition

For most people around the world Saint Patrick’s Day is an occasion to don a green outfit and share a drink with friends, but for St Patrick’s the date also offers a moment to look back at more than 200 years of history.

St Patrick’s launches Wednesday @ The Auditorium

On 22nd February 2016, St Patrick’s launched Wednesday @ The Auditorium, a new programme which will see students attending presentations and workshops in order to better understand the opportunities available to them after graduation.

St Patrick’s Student Experience team leads the way for the National Student Survey (NSS)

February 6, 2017 will go down as a historic day in St Patrick’s history.

St Patricks' students celebrate Heritage Day

There’s no better combination than food, music, and a good time.

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