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The Business Showcase ‘Enterprise Extravaganza!’

The Business Showcase ‘Enterprise Extravaganza!’


Promoting entrepreneurship and enterprise, ‘The Business Showcase’ at St Patrick’s College, hit a home run for success on a first time round. The event was filled with staff and student attendees supporting their industry savvy business students. They came with professionalism, creativity and outstanding exhibits.

In just 3 hours a room was transformed from a classroom to an Olympia standard exhibit, mind blowing event held full in motion and back once again. The event was held on 4th December in the afternoon on the 3rd floor of St Patrick’s College, organised by the business department and the Student Experience team. Muhammad Azam, Head of School of Business Management, conceptualised the idea to create an event that would give students the opportunity to demonstrate their business ventures and their entrepreneurship skills. The students proved that they are no longer beginners in the business industry with their knowledgeable pitches and marketing. From books to online, fashion to food, the event hosted a well variety of businesses under one roof. It was the first but certainly won’t be the last, there is plenty more in store for the students of St Patrick’s.

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