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‘Knowledge Xchange’ at St Patrick’s College

‘Knowledge Xchange’ at St Patrick’s College

15 October 2013

The School of Business Management at St Patrick’s College has recently introduced an exciting initiative in staff development, called ‘Knowledge Xchange’ which aims to share knowledge and best practice among academic staff. The first session took place on 31 October.

There were presentations on:

  • The effects of Market Orientation on New Product Development, by Dr Chima
  • Evolutionary Approaches to Innovation, by Dr Datta
  • Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education: ‘A private sector perspective’, by M. Azam
  • Thinking as the Most Pernicious Danger, by Dr Bilan

Each presentation was followed by a QAA session and discussion. Staff from other Schools at St Patrick’s also participated.

Thank you to all our presenters and participants and special thanks to Prof. Daniel Khan for his active participation and contributions during the event. Further ‘Knowledge Xchange’ sessions will take place on a monthly basis.

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