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St Patrick’s International College licenced to display the QAA quality mark

St Patrick’s International College licenced to display the QAA quality mark

30 January 2014

St Patrick’s College has been licenced to display the prestigious QAA (Quality Assurance Agency)  Quality Mark. 

St Patrick’s College was the first alternative education provider to opt voluntarily (in 2010) into the Integrated Quality and Enhancement Review (IQER), a review method used by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Following completion of our successful review in late 2012, and having received the invitation to subscribe to QAA, St Patrick’s made a formal application to subscribe in late 2013. The application was accepted by QAA in December 2013.  St Patrick’s International College is one of only seven alternative providers without degree awarding powers to be a subscribing organisation to the QAA, and the first to be able to use the QAA kite mark as a result of a successful IQER.

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St Patrick’s College looks forward to continuing and strengthening our co-operation with QAA in the coming year.  Prof Daniel Khan OBE, Principal of St Patrick’s College has commented “We are very pleased that QAA has granted subscriber status to St Patrick’s. QAA is held in the highest esteem,  due to the high quality and standards of their approach. Our staff and our learners will benefit enormously from our new relationship with QAA”.

 Raj Kumaran, Director of Education, also expressed his delight at this good news. He added “By subscribing, St Patrick’s continues to seek to be compared to publicly funded organisations, and to build not only public confidence, but also good standing with sector regulators and bodies. We understand the rigour of QAA reviews of publicly funded institutions.  The Higher Education Review (HER) will be a new challenge for St Patrick’s, which was the first private sector college to volunteer for inclusion in the QAA’s IQER. St Patrick’s is a learning organisation which is prepared not only to be self critical but to also to learn from recommendations of experts through external reviews and audits. In this spirit we look forward to further co-operation with QAA in the coming years”.

St Patrick’s is proud of its history of successful collaboration with the QAA. Please click on the following links to the QAA website for more details:

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Podcast transcript: Raj Kumaran on what it’s like to be the first private college to volunteer for IQER (podcast audio)

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