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Staff training held at St Patrick’s

Staff training held at St Patrick’s


St Patrick’s held a staff training for all schools at the Billiter Street and Duncan House campuses.

The training centred around managing challenging behaviour, particularly ADHD. The course aimed to increase the awareness of learning disabilities and understand the requirement of reasonable adjustment from various perspectives, thereby developing techniques to accommodate learners with learning disabilities. 

Hilary Nunns, the founder of Can-Do Ltd, delivered the training, which was well attended by academics from different disciplines. Lecturers shared their own experiences of managing classrooms and innovative approaches to teaching.

Hilary said: “It was a pleasure to work with the lecturers at St Patrick’s College.”

Swati Dabas, a lecturer from School of Hospitality, said: “The training has equipped me with much-needed behaviour management skills which, if applied correctly, can enhance students’ experience here at St Patricks.”

Members of the Senior Management Team also participated in the training. Vice Principal Dr Dinesh Bist, concluded the training.

“Thank you to all staff for showing enthusiasm and commitment in undertaking the training, and I urge you to try out the newfound strategies and techniques of behaviour management in your teaching practice to enable student involvement and engagement,” he said.

He also reminded staff about the challenges that come with new opportunities and stressed how staff’s professional development is central to overcoming those challenges.

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