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St Patrick’s Health & Social Care students promote healthy living

St Patrick’s Health & Social Care students promote healthy living


Health and social care students at St Patrick’s College held a Health Promotion Campaign last Tuesday at the Stratford campus. They aimed to raise awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

They looked at areas such as healthy eating, reducing smoking and alcohol intake, exercising, and having safe sex. They distributed freshly made juice and a range of healthy food to the student body and staff, and provided information about eating healthily to keep your body and mind strong.

The students gave out leaflets from government sources on various health issues, such as how to quit smoking, practising safe sex, and reducing alcohol consumption.

With only 5 weeks to organise the campaign, they produced an innovative project and demonstrated their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skills. In the process, they met most of their assessment requirements for their assignment to achieve a high grade.

They also raised £42.03 during the campaign, which will be donated to the MacMillan Cancer Charity.

Well done to all involved.

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