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St Patrick’s fashion students visit City Business Library

St Patrick’s fashion students visit City Business Library


A group of fashion students and academic staff recently visited the City Business Library (CBL)for a training session on accessing dedicated resources on the fashion industry. This includes information on fashion industry dynamics, trends on clothing, shoes, and luxury fashion.

The trip was organised through the good relationship between the college’s Centre of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) and CBL.

The library is the only dedicated public library that offers access to the UK’s most comprehensive collection of business databases and publications.

Many students have now registered with the CBL to access its facilities, which include remote access to COBRA, their comprehensive database. This is especially useful for students who would like to start their own fashion business, as COBRA provides information on becoming a fashion designer/retailer, details on industry associations, and other useful websites.

Rashid Hashmi, Head of the Fashion School, said that the students found the visit very useful and relevant to their fashion module. He added that the resources would support them in completing their coursework and assist them in starting their own fashion labels in the future.

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