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St Patrick’s lecturer presents at IEEE conference

St Patrick’s lecturer presents at IEEE conference


Kamran Ali, a lecturer at St Patrick’s School of Technology, recently presented his research paper at the IEEE Wireless Communication & Networking Conference held in Doha, Qatar.

IEEE WCNC is the world’s premier wireless event, bringing together industry professionals, academics, and individuals from government agencies and other institutions to exchange information and ideas.

The title of Mr Ali’s paper was “Architecture for Public Safety Network Using D2D Communication”. He discussed state-of-the-art research on D2D communication and proposed a way to protect communication systems in crisis. The concept of D2D communications and its applications, as well as their potential benefits in disaster situations, was also briefly introduced. 

“I believe I have learned a lot and created meaningful networks with academics and industrial professionals which will help me to enhance my teaching skills and research work,” said Mr Ali. “I am really thankful to college for supporting me and allowing me to avail myself of the opportunity to attend this world class event.”

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