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Student Council election at St Patrick’s College

Student Council election at St Patrick’s College

14 February 2018

The Student Council acts as a channel of communication to ensure that the views of students are taken into account when decisions are made affecting current issues, or the future of the college.St Patrick’s College is running elections to renew its Student Council, the internal organisation created to bring student body and school management closer together for the development of the school.

With the mandate of the current council coming to an end, St Patrick’s is inviting students to become directly involved with the activities of the college and to apply for the roles that will shortly become vacant. The Student Council consists of roles for each key student area – President, Academic Officer, Welfare Officer, Class Rep Coordinator, and Events & Engagement Officer.

During their term, the Student Council Officers work to facilitate communication between the college staff and the students. Their main job roles are to help improve student life, take part in college level meetings, ensure students are provided with an enjoyable learning experience, and generate new ideas relating to their personal and professional development, and social experience.

“The Student Council have been a key component to many new college processes and initiatives such as our mentoring scheme, the senior management role interviewing process, and the creation of new social activity traditions,” said Klaas Mierlo, Acting Vice-Principal at St Patrick’s College. “We take pride in what our Student Council have achieved thus far and believe they will continue to excel.”

Students who are interested in taking part in the election and want to run for a role within the Council need to have been attending for at least one term at St Patrick’s, with good attendance and pass rate. Furthermore, they are required to have good communication skills and show true commitment to students’ issues and needs.

After an initial selection and an interview with members of the previous council, the Student Experience Officer, and a member of Senior Management, the candidates will have the opportunity to run their own voting campaign and encourage students to support their nomination.

The campaign election officially started on Monday 12th February, and the voting will close on Wednesday 28th February.

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