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St Patrick’s College Tourism and Hospitality students put on Event Management show

St Patrick’s College Tourism and Hospitality students put on Event Management show

29 June 2018

These shows are a recurring activity at St Patrick’s, with themes and tasks changing every year to engage with students in different ways. This year, they were asked to plan, organise and deliver an Event Management show. The event was organised with the support of Lachhuman Gurung, Programme Manager at St Patrick’s.On the 27th and 28th of June, St Patrick’s College held an Event Management show for the second-year students from the School of Tourism and Hospitality. Over 150 students were involved in the event, where they had an opportunity to showcase their diverse range of business skills.

Students have been preparing for this vibrant and engaging show for the past seven weeks. This event ultimately represents a great opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, perfect their leadership skills and turn their creative ideas into concrete business plans. During these two days, students had the chance to become wedding planners, organise corporate retreats, plan golf events or get involved in the organisation of birthday parties.

The feedback from the students who took part in the event showed how much they enjoyed the opportunity. For some, this was the best show they had ever organised, and they thanked the school’s management for providing a unique platform to allow students to set up actual business stands.

Not only did the event prove to be very engaging and successful, but also it was in line with the experiential learning style promoted by St Patrick’s College, which is ideal for the students’ career advancement.

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