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St Patrick’s college welcomes new Student Council

St Patrick’s college welcomes new Student Council

12 March 2018

Four new members of the Council – Emmanuel Amoni Ogedengbe, Grace Angelin Jacob, Justus Katabazi and Iñigo Sebastian Gete – are now looking forward to starting their new assignments as councillors.St Patrick’s College has recently announced the constitution of its new Student Council, after two weeks of campaigning and voting held in February.

Over the next few weeks, the new councillors will be introducing themselves to St Patrick’s students, lecturers, managers and support staff. Once their roles are determined, they will collectively decide on their key aims and vision for the college to carry out in 2018-19.

The events and initiatives promoted by the Student Council will see them working closely with St Patrick’s College’s most senior figures, representing the students’ voice with the school’s management. The Student Council are consulted and involved in decisions relating to teaching, student welfare, student experience and the strategic management of the college.

Rod Brazier, Vice Principal at St Patrick’s College, has welcomed the new council, remembering its importance for the institution.

Mr Brazier said: “Students are the lifeblood of any educational institution and, for us, the Student Council is at the very forefront of everything we do. It is vital not only to find channels to listen to the students’ voice, but also to hear it, understand it and act on that voice to deliver necessary changes and improvements.”

The newly elected councillors have great expectations from this venture and are hoping to contribute to the school’s continuous improvement. Emmanuel Amoni Ogedengbe, from the School of Health and Social Care Management, aims to listen to his fellow students and take their messages to the school’s management. From the same school is also Justus Katabazi, who is ready to bring his personal skills and go the extra mile in his future role in the Council.

School of Technology’s student Iñigo Sebastian Gete hopes to be able to have more events, bringing students together so that they can share skills and experiences. Like him, Grace Angein Jacob from the School of Business Management wants to create an environment where students can be more involved, enhancing creativity, social welfare and supporting their progress.

With the level of commitment and initiative already displayed by the new councillors, St Patrick’s College is looking to inspire more people to participate.

“The Council offers the chance for all students to get involved and to help shape the future of the college. If any students want to proactively participate in campus life, then I’d urge them to speak to the council and get involved,” said Mr Brazier.

The new Student Council will officially start its mandate in April, when the individual roles will be assigned.

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