HND Business Students attended a live specialist programme at London Stock Exchange

12 December 2013

The School of Business Management at St Patrick’s college recently organised a live training programme for their HND Business students at the London Stock Exchange’s headquarters in Paternoster square, next to St Paul’s Cathedral. ‘Inside the markets’ a specialist programme from LSE, provided an opportunity for our students to learn about the key participants in today’s capital markets and how they interact. Programme was also including the live market data and covered topic as such flow of corporate information, impact of internalisation on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) for young and growing companies.

Head of the School of Business Management, Muhammad Azam, who organised this session with LSE, mentioned that our students gained invaluable knowledge on the stock markets and the role played by the global financial markets in today’s economy. He further commented that the training session was also linked to HND Business curriculum and provided our students immense opportunities to add value to their existing knowledge. 


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