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What Our Students Say

Please see what our students had to say about their experience at St Patrick's.

Students' Testimonials - Health+

"The coaches will put you through different skills and you get to learn things such as how to reference. Also if you are not able to catch up in class you can always go to the coaches for help."

Maureen Nwaokolo
HND Healthcare Practice for England 2018

"Coming back to education was not easy but when i came back i found the coaches and lecturers very friendly. I went through the basics again. The first time was the hardest, but as I carry on the higher I get the easier things become."

Justus Katabazi
HND Healthcare Practice for England 2018

"The teachers are very good, they have been very helpful to us as students. If you are struggling with your assingment you can go to them, you can ask questions and more."

Ileata Lewis
HND Healthcare Practice for England 2018

"I found it a bit difficult when i cam eback to education but this college has helped me so much. I can cope with my work, they help me with my grammer and how to write in an academic style."

David Morgan
HND Health and Social care 2017

Students' Testimonials - Hospitality

"St Patrick's has been an amazing college. Many who have had no hope of returning into full-time education have now realised how important education is."

Ciza Ndayishmiya
HND Hospitality Management 2017

"St Patrick's has been a very good experience. I had a dream of pursuing my studies in hospitality, it has given me the chance to do so. The lecturers have been very supportive and ready to help."

Sujata Gurung 
HND Hospitality Management

Students' Testimonials - Business

"I am very grateful to be at St. Patrick's college. I want to complete this course in order to get a recognised job in the business industry."

Grace Jacob
HND Business Management

"I would like the world to know that St Patrick's college is a wonderful instituion with good people especially the staff and the tutors." 

Fred Ogendengbe
HND Business Management

"St Patrick's college is a great place to be for people who love to learn and get themselves skills for life. No matter your age, culture or other differences, you still have the chance to change your life with St Patrick's college."

Joaquim Moreira
HND Business Management

"This is a dream come true, I have always wanted to have a higher education and i am now given the opportuniy. I would like to give back what I have been given in the future. The lectures are excellent and very helpul in assisting us."

Jocelin Harrison
HND Business Management

"The college is the best thing since sliced bread! It has given many people, of all ages, an opportunity to learn something new and utlise the stepping stones that form from the opportunries given"

Kevin Simpon
HND Business Management 2017

"It is a privalge for me to have formal education again. The lecturers and all others, have been excellent."

Ernest Brew Obeng 
HND Business Management 2017

"In the begining i found it a little bit difficult to get the ball rolling again coming back to education, and then all of a sudden it just kicked off becuase of the help that we have from the staff at St Patrick's."

Rodrigo De Oliveria
HND Business Management 2018

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