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What careers can you choose after a Health and Social Care HND?


What careers can you choose after a Health and Social Care HND?

September, 2017

Health Service Manager 
A HND in Health and Social Care can be a useful qualification, and although some career paths may require a full degree, a HND can open doors. If you’re stuck on what you would like to venture into once your studies are over, don’t worry. A HND can get you a role directly in, but not always limited to, the health care sector. 

If you imagine yourself at the forefront of a vital health care service, coordinating people and allocating resources, then a Health Service Manager role may be for you. Individuals in this role are responsible for the oversight and supervision of services such as GP practices, community health centres, and hospitals. A good entry point is as a Health Service Supervisor, which can then lead to a managerial role. Opportunities can be both public and private so look in to either sector for an environment that would suit you.   

If your plans include the completion of a top-up year, then you would also be eligible to apply for the Graduate Management Training Scheme, offered by the NHS Leadership Academy, and often considered the best route into management roles within health care services.  

Care Home Manager

Much like any managerial role, you will be in charge of daily operations, dealing with budgets, resource allocation, and the recruiting and management of staff. One of the key functions of a Care Home Manager is to ensure that the quality of care being delivered meets national care standards. This is a role that requires previous care experience, which you will have as part of your HND course, along with administrative and IT skills. The demand for Care Home Managers is set to increase in the coming years, so make sure you’re part of the new wave of individuals who can provide excellent leadership and quality care to various types of vulnerable people.

Social Worker

While this field of work requires a full degree in social care or a related field, it offers a wide range of specialisms and the possibility of working in different sectors. These roles all come with the common theme of safeguarding individuals or groups, and helping them to live more successfully. Although quite challenging, this career path is also very rewarding.

If you’re not too sure which field of work you want to go into, consider top-ups that will lead you into your ideal career path. Many degrees lend themselves to particular sectors while others allow for more flexibility.

Health and Social Policy

This degree looks into public health, health promotion to the general population, policies as it relates to Health and the various ethical aspects of care. If your passion lies in health promotion, policies & their implementation and the impact this has on social problems, this could be a very insightful top-up choice, which could lead to a career within the NHS, roles within local council authorities and the voluntary sector. 

Health and Community Development

The importance of delivering key health services and aiding development within communities is being taken more and more seriously. The ability to tackle and address health challenges and understand the influence that the community can play in bringing about change is the main focus of this degree.  If you would like to be in the thick of it all, making an impact on the ground while still having substantial responsibility, this option will equip you with the correct tools.

After completion, the possible career paths and sectors include, community development worker, community centre manager, roles within the Citizens Advice Bureau and local council authorities.


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