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Christmas Cake

How to Revamp Your Christmas Dinner

Tis the season! The Christmas holidays are the tastiest time of the year; and, like many countries, the UK has its own selection of traditional treats to celebrate the holidays. Eat, drink and be merry!

Women Laughing

Making The Most of What You Have

For many of us, having access to the tools we need to reach our goals is not easy. We often have to figure out how to achieve what we want with limited resources, and sometimes we can feel that getting to where we want to be is impossible.

Creepy Photo

London’s Creepiest True Halloween Tales

The scariest time of the year is upon us! This month, London offers plenty of opportunities to get in the Halloween mood, from costume parties to classic horror movie screenings, interactive experiences and terrifying tours.

Student writing his notes

Giving Yourself A Second Chance

Giving Yourself A Second Chance October 2018 From a young age, we all feel the pressure of realising what we want from life and what career we want to opt for.

Student filling the details

How To Be More Productive When Studying

Productivity is one of the most important factors when it comes to making the most out of your time, especially when having to juggle studying with a hectic lifestyle.

A Teacher and Students in the Class

The Benefits Of Higher Education

Education, education, education. We all respect and value an educated person who has gone onto make a name for themselves, despite any difficulties they faced.

man sitting on laptop

Transformation Tips

Transformation Tips July 2018 We often judge other people’s lives by how they look on the surface, how glossy is their Instagram profile and how many selfies they take in a day.

London bus in the city of London

Life outside St Patrick's?

Do you have one of those ‘breaks’ between the sessions? I know, I know, sometimes it can be a bit too much.