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Making The Most of What You Have

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Making The Most of What You Have

November 2018

Recently a few photos shared on Facebook went viral – they showed a teacher in Ghana drawing the Microsoft Word programme on a blackboard for his students to learn how to use it and pass their tests. Although they did not actually get to practice on a computer, having it drawn out was a good way to get acquainted with the programme and later identify the correct answers in their exam. This teacher thought outside the box and made the most of what he had to give his students a chance to succeed.For many of us, having access to the tools we need to reach our goals is not easy. We often have to figure out how to achieve what we want with limited resources, and sometimes we can feel that getting to where we want to be is impossible. However, with the right mind set and attitude, you can reach your full potential and fulfil your ambition.

Changing your mentality

It is easy to focus on what we need and don’t have; however, being positive is the best way to clear your mind and be grateful for the things you do have. With the right attitude, you can understand the benefits of what you have at hand and not limit its potential by thinking it’s not good enough because it is not what you dream of. Everything is as good and useful as you make it.

Being grateful for what you have is another easy way to foster a positive attitude. Gratefulness for everything can make you see the beauty in all that is around you, helping you recognise that even though you may not have everything you want, the things you do have allowed you to be where you are today.

Focus on yourself and what you can do

You should work on the things that are in your control and not compare yourself to others. Comparison will only make you feel like you have a long way to go and demotivate you. You should also remember that your journey and your goals are unique to you – you have walked a different path than other people, so comparing yourself to your peers is unfair. If you focus on your own journey and the things you can change for now, you will feel relieved by ticking off boxes and will also feel less pressure on yourself.

With the resources you have at hand, a positive attitude and taking one step at a time, you will become more productive and get closer to where you want to be. At St Patrick’s we understand that resources may be limited for many, so we help students get to where they want to be. Take a look at the courses we offer, we can help you work towards a better future!

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