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Giving Yourself A Second Chance

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Giving Yourself A Second Chance

October 2018

Sometimes we are forced to interrupt our education due to several reasons but this should not stop anyone from chasing dreams, even as a mature student. As a result of leaving education, many people can find it difficult to get their foot in the door when it comes to searching for their ideal job. As companies are usually looking for someone educated in a specific field, having to explain a gap in your CV can be quite daunting.From a young age, we all feel the pressure of realising what we want from life and what career we want to opt for. Sometimes our parents would like us to pursue a certain career path; other times, the people we surround ourselves with inspire us to follow our hearts and achieve our dreams. However, things can happen and circumstances can change very quickly.

Changing the present

When going back to do something you haven’t done for years, it is okay to feel anxious and doubt your capabilities. However, you should not let your fear stop you from changing your present and future. You will be surprised at how natural it will feel to return to education; you may even find it much easier to study as an adult, especially as this is something you now have a clear focus on.

Education has developed over the years and it is now very different from the education you may remember receiving in the past. Nowadays, it is much easier to access all types of information you may need while studying. In higher education, for instance, many teachers will give you their undivided attention during one-to-one sessions, to help you progress in your studies.

How to start

Decide which course is best for what you want to do in the future and research which institutions will provide you with the best education. You should also check course requirements and fees to make sure your application process runs smoothly. This will help reduce stress in overwhelming situations. If you know someone who has returned to education as an adult, ask them for their advice and let them tell you what they did when applying for their course.

Once your course has started, the main challenge you’ll encounter will be finding the right balance between studying and your usual day-to-day activities. However, this can be easily achieved if you have the determination to pursue your dreams. One way to find time to study is by creating a plan of your day. For example, If you know that you will be in the classroom for a couple of hours and, at the same time, have a family to look after or a day job to go to, then you can plan smaller study sessions between the things you need to do. When it’s time for your study session, find a quiet room and put your phone away to avoid distractions. Not only will this ensure a productive session, but it will also allow you to make the most of your free time.

Returning to education is about facing obstacles and having the determination to guarantee a better future for yourself, so don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today!

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