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Chance UK

St Patrick’s College is working in partnership with Chance Uk. If you are interested in volunteering and mentoring, please check their webpage for updates about applications or contact a member of Staff at St Patrick's College.

About us

Mentors and staff use a solution-focused approach to grow a child’s strengths, build their self-esteem, and find positive alternatives to their challenging behaviour that could otherwise result in anti-social or criminal offending in later life.

Our Vision

For every child in the UK to feel happy about themselves, realise their potential, and be confident in their ability to build a brighter future.

Our Mission

Chance UK is an early intervention organisation that supports children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The children that we work with are at risk of educational exclusion, anti-social and/or criminal behaviour in adolescence and early adult life.

We empower children to develop their skills, confidence and life aspirations through a year-long mentoring programme.

Our values

  • We are passionate: championing early support that is transformative for children and families
  • We are inclusive: embracing the diversity of everyone that we work with
  • We are child-centred: listening to children’s best hopes to bring out the best in them and provide a unique experience
  • We are solution focused: enabling children and their families to use their strengths to achieve their own goals
  • We are collaborative: working in partnership with other services to maximise our impact and embed sustainable changes
  • We are forward thinking: creatively looking at ways of adapting and growing our programmes, whilst continuing to deliver best practice

Become A Mentor

As a Chance UK mentor, you’ll make a genuine difference to a child’s life. Over the course of one year, you’ll motivate your matched child to make positive choices, grow in confidence and overcome challenges.

What to expect:

The start: You’ll be carefully matched with a child and will meet with them once every week for a whole year.

Mentoring: You’ll plan fun and engaging mentoring sessions, with the aim of developing the child’s skills and increasing their self-confidence.
Our mentors and children enjoy a wide variety of activities together and we encourage our mentors to be really creative in planning their sessions! Popular activities include sightseeing, playing football and creating scrapbooks.

Support: Throughout the year you will receive ongoing support from a Chance UK Programme Manager meeting with them once a month to discuss how the mentoring is going. They are there to make sure everything is going smoothly for both you and the child.

The end: At the end of the mentoring year we’ll invite you to attend a Graduation ceremony with your Chance UK child. This is a very special occasion and your family and friends are invited to come along too. We’ll celebrate the achievements you’ve made together over the course of the year.
This will be the last time you see your Chance UK child so we make sure it’s a really positive ending for everyone involved!

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