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Giving Yourself A Second Chance

Giving Yourself A Second Chance October 2018 From a young age, we all feel the pressure of realising what we want from life and what career we want to opt for.

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How To Be More Productive When Studying

Productivity is one of the most important factors when it comes to making the most out of your time, especially when having to juggle studying with a hectic lifestyle.

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The Benefits Of Higher Education

Education, education, education. We all respect and value an educated person who has gone onto make a name for themselves, despite any difficulties they faced.

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Transformation Tips

Transformation Tips July 2018 We often judge other people’s lives by how they look on the surface, how glossy is their Instagram profile and how many selfies they take in a day.

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Life outside St Patrick's?

Do you have one of those ‘breaks’ between the sessions? I know, I know, sometimes it can be a bit too much.

Nurse and patient

What careers can you choose after a Health and Social Care HND?

What careers can you choose after a Health and Social Care HND? September, 2017 A HND in Health and Social Care can be a useful qualification, and although some career paths may require a full degree, a HND can open doors.

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How technology is changing

How technology is changing August, 2017 Technology is an ever-changing and advancing part of our lives. Simplicity, ease of use, and functionality are key.

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Top 10 revision tips

Top 10 revision tips July, 2017 Revision is key to getting the grades you want. Different people revise in different ways: you might learn by listening to a lecture, or by reading through your notes, or you might only be able to remember the facts you need by drawing things like spider diagrams.

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10 tips for starting a business

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to start your own business? You could be your own boss, make your own rules, and work on something you have a real passion for.

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The best places to practice photography around London

The best places to practice photography around London April, 2017 London is one of the world’s most impressive cities, with a combination of historic architecture and modern-day skyscrapers, royal palaces and castles, and a variety of different cultures to explore.